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Ever since an eighth grade art class introduction to ceramics, I have always wanted to learn to make pottery. Due to a recent windfall of extra time, I’ve finally taken it up and am really enjoying it. I like every stage, from taking a moist lump of clay and giving it a useful shape, to refining and finishing it once it’s begun to dry, and finally glazing it and sending it off for its final, irreversible firing.

Besides the quiet, Zen-like process, making pottery speaks to a part of my soul, the part that would love to see Christmas become less commercial and more traditional. The part of my soul that cringes at commercials showing iPod-toting remote controlled cars doing the caroling in place of real, live people. I love the idea of giving people useful things, things that were made by my own hands. A few years ago I taught myself how to knit, and everybody got scarves. But the truth is that I don’t really like to knit. It’s too repetitive, too tedious, and it takes too long. I’m sort of an instant gratification type, and I love to see a recognizable form, whether it be a plate, a mug or a vase, take shape in just minutes. This is the pottery Christmas, hopefully the first of many. I’m sure my family is just thrilled.


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