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My parents’ friends have a house on top of a hill and it has lots of woods all around. It is the only house up there. One time they invited us to a party at their house. Lots of people came and it was summertime.

In the back of their house was a big garden. A really big garden. Bigger even than the one my grandma has. They grew all kinds of things back there and my favorite thing they grew was basil. I didn’t even know what it was called then, but the smell of it filled up the whole back yard. It smelled just like summer, and the sun was going down and the sky was all pinky purple and the stars were starting to come out and the whole world smelled like basil.

Then we got to do something really fun. We got to stomp grapes. We rolled up our jeans and got into this big barrel thing and just stomped and stomped. The grapes came from their yard and they were going to turn the stomped grape juice into wine. I wonder how they could do that. The grapes were squishy between my toes and these little flies were flying around and my feet got cold and itchy-sticky. But it was still fun to stomp on those grapes.

There was a fire and everybody sat around it and talked. We stayed outside until the stars were out and the fire was big and the shadows of it jumped around the whole yard and then the smoke smell mixed with the basil smell. That was a magical day. I think about that day every time I smell basil.

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